Data Management

Data makes the world go round, but if your data is a mystery to you, everything stops. Let me help you get your donor, customer, or inventory data into a shape you can really use.

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Your financial records need to be accurate, timely, and complete to be useful to your business. I can keep all the numbers up to date for you so you can focus on your business.

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Copy Editing Proofreading

Brochures, policies, appeals, novels, biographies, theses - I can help you prepare the best possible text for your audience.

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Since 1993

your data...Done.

When you're focused on your business or the mission of your not-for-profit, you don't always have time to make sure the data is clean and complete, the financial transactions have been properly recorded, and your ad or brochure is error-free and compelling. But without the data and the financial reports and the publications, you can't get your job done, and when you need them, you need them now. That's where Bluebird Business Services comes to the rescue. 

I've been working with data in one form or another my whole life. From starting a lending library for my friends when I was 10 and keeping track of the books they checked out, to being the database administrator for a not-for-profit foundation, I have been taming data for myself and others all along.

Whether your data consists of donor records, inventory, financial transactions, or bird species, I can help you streamline your processes and get the data right. Whatever software you use, I either know it or I can learn it. Whatever reports you need for internal or external constituents, I can get the information for them and help you state your case. Whatever your business or mission - I can do the office work, so you can focus on what you do best.

Nice News

I've frequently seen bluebirds on the outskirts of Santa Fe, but I recently saw a small flock of Western Bluebirds near the intersection of St. Francis and Zia. Any open space is a good place to look for them - I only wish I could get them in my backyard!

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